Located in suburban Philadelphia, Fatty Pratty Wood & Ink is a window to the mind of artist Tom Pratt. 

Fatty Pratty Wood & Ink started March 2012 in Malvern. Since then, artist Tom “Fatty Pratty” Pratt has used a two prong approach, allowing customers the choice of handcrafted woodworking or art in the more traditional sense. Everything executed by Fatty Pratty Wood & Ink showcases a unique style with a humorous flair.

Where can I find this guy?

Malvern, PA 19355




who is fatty pratty ?



Tom Pratt aka Fatty Pratty is an artist, husband and all around nerd.

Tom grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia with a lifelong passion for art.  Addictions to comic books and cartoons, such as Calvin & Hobbes, helped to mold his imagination and develop as an artist.  He was granted the Hawthorne Endowment For the Arts to attend West Chester University and he graduated in 2006 with a Bachelor’s in Fine Art.

He settled down in Malvern, Pennsylvania with his wife and their two corgis in 2010.  It was here that Tom discovered a love for building with wood, adding it to his repertoire.